Alain Patterson Couture

I was the key makeup artist for Alain Patterson's fashion show "A Night in Japan" back in Oct. I know I know it's almost been a year. But I just got my pictures back from the event and I loved how everything turned out. Alain is a fabulous designer and a good friend of mine. I was really tested the night of the show. My makeup assistant had an emergency and was unable to make it. So there were 13 models to turn into Geisha Dolls and I was the only makeup artist!!! It was too late to call backup so I switched into high gear and started making up some faces. It was really crazy backstage. I swear I was in the zone because I was turning out models left and right,checking to make sure everyone's hair was perfect,and keeping up with who needed to be fitted. Alain, who was so stressed about the show, was relieved when everyone was ready by show time. And while the models walked the runway I finally had a chance to relax. Did I mention I love my job!

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