Heather Headley's New Album

I was so excited when I got a call asking me to work on Heather Headley's new gospel album. She is one my favorite singers so it was safe to say this was a jaw dropping moment. They already had an amazing makeup artist and an equally amazing hair stylist for the shoot. So they asked would I be interested in styling the shoot. Wardrobe styling is my other passion so I thrilled that they asked me to be apart of the team. I love wardrobe styling because it gives me a chance to think outside the box and be creative in a different way. Not to mention it gives me an excuse to go shopping at some of my favorite stores. Just as I thought the news about this shoot could not get any better I found out that Russ Harrington was going to be the photographer. He is one the best photographers in Nashville so my smile got just a little bit bigger. Needless to say the shoot went great! Heather is so down to earth and funny you can help but to love her. Her album is due to come out in Oct. I'm sure it's going to be amazing. Until then here is a youtube video of one my favorite Heather Headley song.

Heather Headley's Website
Russ Harrington's Website

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