GMA Immerse

I was honored to be apart of GMA's Immerse Event. Immerse is a 4 day music training event for artists who want to grow in the Christian music industry. I was apart of the image workshop teaching new artists how to develop there look. I was one of the three makeup artists there, there was also a wardrobe stylist and a photographer. During our workshop we gave makeovers to a few attendees,answered questions and I had the chance to meet new artists from all over the country. A few of the artists asked me for my advice after the workshop. I'll share a couple of my answers with you.

Maria from Miami asked me-"I love the look when people line their eyes on the bottom. But when I try it the liner always smudges or runs creating dark circles.

My answer- Sometimes the wax in pencils causes it run and smudge on the lower lid. Especially if you have oilier skin. I know personally because I have the same problem. So instead a pencil line your lid with a shadow which often comes off a little softer. Or you can also top your eyeliner with the same color shadow which will help it stay put. Gel liners also work great.

Janice from New York-"As I get older I notice that when I put foundation and powder on the fine lines are more noticeably after I put my makeup on. How can I prevent this?

My answer-What you need is a silicone based foundation such asFace Atelier or Makeup Forever HD Foundation that prevents it from seeping into fine lines. Also Makeup Forever Invisible HD Powder is the only powder I have tried that does not magnify fine lines.

Do you have any beauty questions?? Send me an email I'll be happy to answer them.

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