Traveling with Makeup

One of my favorite parts of my job is travel. I love going to new places. My least favorite part is checking my bag in. Before 9-11 would carry on my makeup bag with me but know since the regulations have changed that is not an option. So now I have to carefully plan how I pack my bag so that my pigments are not all broken by the time I reached my destination. Here's a few tips I wanted to share with you.

How To Protect Your Makeup When Traveling

Airlines can not guarantee that your bag will be handled with care. Hear are some tips to help protect your makeup in transport.

1) Be sure to check airline restrictions and regulations prior to packing. Pressed powder can typically be carried on the plane but should be packed with a flat cotton pad or tissue between the compact for extra protection.

2) Tightly pack blush,eye shadow and powders together in a cosmetic bag. For extra protection cushion them by covering them with towels or soft clothes. Also be sure tape the sides of products with twist off caps.

3)Liquids such as shampoos,lotions and etc. have the highest chance of leaking so place them in individual zip lock bags. Then just to be safe place all those bags inside a toiletry bag. It's much easier to clean up one bag than to have it everywhere and all over your clothes.

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