Makeup Tips for Teens

In November I was featured on the tween site Shop Like Anna. Shop Like Anna is a tween website that aims to empower young girls, giving them a sense of purpose, and promotes a healthy image for them all while keeping the site trend-conscious and fun. I really like the concept for the site. So I was happy when they asked to interview me. I shared my story on how I started my career as a makeup artist. I also gave a few makeup tips.

Here's a portion of the article:

Question: What is the most important tip for young girls when applying makeup?

Sherita: The most important makeup tip is less is more. Makeup is supposed to accent your beauty, not create a whole new face. Play and experiment with different colors and hues to find out what you like. Buy a set of makeup brushes to learn to lightly apply your makeup. Brushes lightly brush the skin with color so the effects are usually softer.

Question: 5 beauty tips for Tweens?

1. Foundation is too heavy for teen skin, which makes a tinted moisturizer the perfect cover up. A great inexpensive one is Olay Touch of Sun.
2. Only put acne products on your breakouts. Normal healthy skin becomes dried out when you overuse acne products in areas that never breakout. When you overuse acne products it forms a layer of dead skin that blocks the normal release of oil and causes more breakouts!!
3. Choose products that are non-comedogenic. These products are designed not to clog your pores.
4. Try out a crème blush instead of powder. Crème blushes are lighter and give you a beautiful glow.
5. Always start with less eye shadow than you think you will need and build up. Look at yourself in the mirror. Keep adding a little at a time. That way you will never have too worry about adding too much.

You can visit Shop Like Anna to view the rest of the article.

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